Once you buy our Fusion Splicer machine, we offer original packaging new machine, the products meet industry-related quality standards and commitment to enjoy the following services provided by our company:

Lifetime warranty, lifetime free parts, but these circumstances are not within the scope of this provision.
A、Except for the cleaver, Miller clamp, stripping pliers, fiber holders and other tools whose life depends on the frequency of use and the use of the environment.
B、Electrodes are consumables, it is in termination after the electrodes splicing 3,000 times.
C、Battery warranty for one year, it is in free warranty where it is damaged or can not be charged in one year.
D、Due to natural disasters and other outside force majeure caused by failure or damage.
E、Human factors cause the machine to strong shocks, drops and other factors result in damage.
F、Without our company authorization, unauthorized disassembly, repair situation; at the same time our company reserves the right to further responsibility.
G、The customer bear the out and home shipping cost.

Signal Fire
Download the Signal Fire APP software to your phone, open the Bluetooth, the fusion splicer and mobile phones can establish connections (splicing fibers do not need APP software).
You can get large data support.

Access to the use of location, seasonal changes, we can automatically push a location, and adopt the best parameters from other users from the same season for your reference, to help you get the best results.

By connected with the phone, the splicing time & loss, location, site pictures and line parameters will be recorded in the server, can also share through social media, such as WeChat, micro-blogging or e-mail. Show your work, but also for Future failure analysis, responsibility identification, and maintenance to provide convenience.

By share your project process, you can enhance the credit value, promote yourselves, and find new business opportunities.

Signal Fire APP is also a powerful management software to help manage your team, improve work efficiency. With the continuous improvement of our APP software, we also provide advertising, industry exchanges, project release and undertake, online mall, engineering and other applications. The income from this area will be partly used to subsidize the hardware free upgrade, 50,000 free replacement of our cost, it will help Signal Fire users to save a lot of money. We also received a stable and growing user scale, in order to achieve win-win trade relationship.

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